Tottenham’s captain says the team is playing with a renewed sense of purpose: Did an English manager really make that much of a difference?

Redknapp’s arrival has ended an succession of Continental managers at White Hart Lane and King, attributed Tottenham’s first victory of the season yesterday, over Bolton, to the confidence that the 61-year-old had imparted.

King, who led the players’ revolt against Ramos, said: “It is brilliant to have an English manager – it has been a while and I am looking forward to the relationship.

“Harry spoke to us for the first time on the morning of the game, and he gave us confidence. He said we had brilliant players in the team, and that he believed we could get out of this situation.

“It looked like a weight had been lifted off the players’ shoulders. They played with freedom, and it was more like the old Tottenham.” (Telegraph)

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