Former Spurs manager is already playing the blame game: He says he needed more time to make his mark!

Juande Ramos remained relatively silent after getting the boot from Tottenham last Saturday night, but apparently that stretch of silence is over. The Spaniard is claiming that the transfer period ruined his chances! I’m sure Spurs supporters would agree with him.

”In the summer we experienced a difficult pre-season due to the changes in the squad, which prevented us from working with the tranquility that the summer preparation needs,” Ramos said in an open letter on his personal website.

”Furthermore the young age of some of the signings, despite their quality, means they needed some time to adapt and mature, which because of the urgency of the competitions they have not been given.

”Also the departures of Robbie Keane and Berbatov, important players in the team for their technical and human qualities and their scoring abilities, was too hard a blow for the squad. (ESPNSoccernet)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Ramos apologist or a Ramos hater, most would agree that the summer didn’t go as expected at Tottenham. The loss of Keane left a gaping leadership hole at the club that has yet to be filled. Right after Keane left, Berbatov was front and center calling for a summer move. That was where things went completely wrong. It’s tough to say this, but maybe Juande deserved more time? Ah, who are we kidding, Redknapp already has something Ramos doesn’t this season, and that would be three-points!

Are Spurs supporters buying Ramos’ comments? Did he deserve more time?

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