Liverpool boss says it will take an ‘almost perfect’ season to win the league: How many points do they need to secure the title?

Rafa Benitez knows his Liverpool squad have to keep winning if they want any shot at winning the Premier League this season. Whilst nobody knows for sure just how many points it will take to hoist the trophy, Benitez claims his club will have to play an ‘almost perfect’ season if they want to be there at the end. That means putting away mid-level clubs and the bottom half of the league — something Liverpool has had a tough time doing in recent years.

With expectations at Anfield intensified by the 18-year gap since Kenny Dalglish’s side last delivered the title to the club, Benítez admitted his side’s margin for error is minimal if they are to sustain their position. “You can talk about maybe needing 95 points which was Chelsea [in 2004-05] or 92, maybe 87, so you cannot lose too many games,” he said. “That is the reason why it is more difficult. The top three teams don’t lose many games, so if you want to win or even be close you have to keep winning a lot of games in a row.

“It has to be almost perfect if you want to be at the end of the season at the top of the table. Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal will not lose too many games and always you can say one of them is making mistakes. But three at the same time? It is very difficult.” (Guardian)

True they beat Chelsea and Manchester United, but Liverpool still have some really big games remaining, the Champions League and two league Cups to worry about. Those could all prove to be potential hurdles during the season.

So what do you think it will take for Liverpool to hoist the league trophy? Let us know how many points you think Liverpool need.

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