Manchester United manager stokes the Ronaldo/Real Madrid transfer fire once again: He should keep his mouth SHUT!

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has always been known as one of the most outspoken bosses in the Premier League. His affinity for opening his mouth when his opinion isn’t wanted is legendary. Well our favourite manager is at it again with more comments on the Ronaldo to Real Madrid summer sage. Why can’t he just let it go!

Gabriel Heinze, the former Manchester United player, has accused Sir Alex Ferguson of coming up with “a work of absolute science fiction” after the Old Trafford manager dragged him into the row about Real Madrid’s pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Heinze felt compelled to speak out as a response to Ferguson’s latest outburst about the “obscene” way Real Madrid had conducted themselves over the summer. In an interview with GQ magazine Ferguson claimed Read Madrid had signed the Argentina international a year earlier not because of his ability as a footballer but because he was “very close” to Ronaldo. “I knew what they were doing,” said Ferguson. “I don’t believe they were interested in Heinze – good player though he is. The endgame was to get Ronaldo.” (Guardian)

Seriously, Sir Alex, nobody cares about the transfer saga anymore! We understand you still harbour ill feelings towards Real Madrid, but please understand that Ronaldo is still at the club! What makes this even more baffling is that Ferguson decided to bring Heinze into a story that was over months ago. True, Henize did have a strong verbal battle with Ferguson over his supposed move to Liverpool, but Ferguson should know better than to bring stories like this up during the season.

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