Tottenham SHOCKED over recent events involving former striker: He won’t be coming back to White Hart Lane!

The link connecting Jermaine Defoe and former manager Harry Redknapp came to an abrupt end yesterday after the club was informed that they wouldn’t be allowed to go back after the former Spurs striker. Pompey aren’t standing in the way of him making a move in January; you can thank the Premier League for keeping him at Fratton Park!

Redknapp himself even admitted he would be interested in bringing the player back to the club if Portsmouth were prepared to sell.

But now it has been revealed that Premier League rule L19 says a player cannot return to his former club within 12 months of leaving.

A spokesman said: ‘It is written in section L19 of the Premier League rules that a club which transfers or cancels the registration of a player may not apply to register that player within a year.

‘The only exception to that is if it has been made with the prior written consent of the Premier League board.’

The rule was drafted in a bid to stop clubs abusing the loan system by transferring them to another club and then having them back months later – essentially working as a loan.

There is currently a limit on the amount of loans a club can make and that would be a way around it. (Daily Mail)

I’m not shocked to hear that this rule exists. Unlike most sports, football players have the tendency to be one of the most fickle groups on the planet. One minute they’re sitting in a press room pledging their allegiance to a new club; it only takes a couple of bad matches for that warm feeling to go away. You have to impose this rule to keep players honest. For Defoe, this just means he gets to keep playing for a top six contender! It doesn’t look too bad if you ask me!

What do Tottenham supporters think of the ruling?

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