Who ya got? Predict the WINNER of the Hull City/Chelsea match!

I’m sure we all expected to be laughing at this matchup at the outset of the season. Call the matchup former Premier League champions against the newly promoted minnow, the rich versus the not-so-rich, the shark versus the prey, or maybe you want to call it what it what it looked like on paper: a humbling experience for Hull City.

But that’s the great thing about this sport; we never play the matches on paper. Who would have ever expected Hull City and Chelsea to be level on points at 20 in second place behind Liverpool. Hull are currently living on cloud nine, having disposed of Arsenal, West Ham, Tottenham, Newcastle and most recently West Brom. They are the sexiest pick in the Premier League at the moment, and from what I can see they stand a pretty damn good shot of hanging with Chelsea tomorrow on their home pitch.

For Chelsea this matchup is all about forgetting about Sunday’s loss to Liverpool and just playing football. If they can do that, they should be able to coast to the win with a solid effort.

So who wins the matchup today? Are you taking Hull City to shock the world, or will Chelsea get it back on track?

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