Who or what is to blame for Arsenal’s FAILURES in SIX WORDS!

Long-winded people are boring, and writing full sentences is for chumps. So instead you have just SIX words. Sound easy? Good for you.

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Three years without silverware is beginning to take its toll at Arsenal or so it seems. Many are angered by some of Arsene’s decision making, be it dropping in-form players or an inability to sign older players to balance out the exciting crop of kids at the club. Some have even dared suggest that Wenger’s job is not as safe as it once was, so could it indeed be time for a new man at the helm or does his youthful squad need another year of transition?

You could probably write an essay about this. Well tough, you only have SIX WORDS! Concise and creative, or just plain hilarious, it’s up to you now so leave your masterpiece in the comments.

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