Former Manchester United player slings mud in the direction of his former manager: Real Madrid signed him for his skill!

Former Manchester United defender, Gabriel Heinze, isn’t giving Sir Alex Ferguson the pleasure of having the last word in their most recent rift. Instead of being the bigger man and letting the war of words over C-Ron’s potential future at Real Madrid go away, the Argentine has hit back, stating Ferguson’s recent comments over his recent move were “stupid.” Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

“It made me sad to hear him say those things,” he said. ”I do not know if it is true or not, but it is certainly a shame that someone with the experience of Ferguson is capable of saying such stupid things.

“If it was a fan or another player then maybe I could understand it, but someone with his experience doing that is not normal.” (Radio Marca)

You’d think Heinze would be a bit more scathing in his attack if he wanted to hurt his former manager with his words. Instead, it looks like he’ll be taking the higher road by getting the last word in and letting the issue die. Whilst he might forget about the Real Madrid link, the La Liga club apparently isn’t giving up so quickly. Why else would United be linked with a £150,000-a-week contract for their fantastic winger?

Do United supporters believe Heinze was being used as bait to lure Ronaldo to Madrid? Do you think Madrid will be sniffing around Old Trafford come January?

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