Arsenal are top of the league! Will this be the only thing they win this season?

Arsene Wenger has a bee in his bonnet, and it just won’t fly off and leave him alone. Earlier this week, the Frenchman had a verbal tirade against Stoke City, claiming that the Potters are a bunch of dirty cowards who set out to deliberately injure the opposition. Now he’s had another rant about the way his team are badly treated, including a random stat to boot!

Indeed, the Gunners supporters can chant about their team being top of the league when it comes to fair play! Despite Robin Van Persie’s petulant shove of Thomas Sorenson on Saturday afternoon, The Times has reported the Arsenal boss strangely pointing out that their disciplinary record is second to none.

“You can look at the fair play table. Who is top? Arsenal Football Club,” Wenger said. “We have no lessons to learn from anyone on that front. Look at the team that makes less fouls – it is Arsenal.

“Who gets the more yellow cards after four or five fouls? Arsenal. Some teams get their first yellow card after 15 fouls. I cannot read the book or something is wrong.

“I’m responsible for the behaviour of Arsenal and we are top. I do not make that table. Instead of having a go at us, people should look somewhere else.”

It would be a shame if the Arsenal manager continued to lose the plot like this, especially as he has been responsible for revolutionising the North London football club. While things aren’t going too well on the pitch at the moment, the Frenchman has worked miracles at Highbury and then the Emirates.

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