Liverpool supporters or Manchester United supporters? Which club has the more rabid fanbase?

We here at COS love a good football debate. Whether we’re talking about who’s better, Gerrard or Fabregas, or discussing which play was more batshit crazy, Paul Gascoigne or Eric Cantona, we like to drive our point home until the person listening to us HAS to agree with our point (because we are always right).

We’ll we want to open up a couple of heated debates here at COS, and we’re hoping the local commentariat can help us settle the score.

30+ Premier League Titles, 8 times European Cup Champions, 18 FA Cup titles. The list could just go on when talking about the massive amount of Silverware Liverpool and Manchester United have between them. For many, the two clubs are considered the creme de la creme of the footballing world; they also have a knack for bringing the best and brightest in the world.

While the teams on the pitch are great, the supporters that follow the clubs seem to be even better. Both Liverpool and Man United consistently rank as two of the most followed clubs in the world. Both are known to anything for their colours.

We want to know which group has the more rabid fanbase?

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