Manchester United manager ‘given extra protection’ for trip to Arsenal

Harry Redknapp was nearly hit by a coin at Villa Park a few weeks ago, with the 50p piece instead hitting a linesman and gashing his head. However, the then-Portsmouth manager was clearly riled and one of his opposite numbers in the Premier League has taken measures to ensure something similar doesn’t happen at the Emirates on Saturday.

The Daily Telegraph reports that while Johnny Cash sang about a ‘ring of fire’, Sir Alex Ferguson will instead get a ‘ring of security’ when Manchester United travel to the Emirates for the lunchtime kick-off. The Scot was clearly concerned by the abuse he received last season, and measures have been taken to stop those nasty Arsenal fans giving him some stick.

Arsenal promised to investigate after Ferguson bemoaned the “lack of security” around the technical area and one spectator was removed by stewards.

Arsenal told United at the time that they felt there was “ample stewarding” but have since reviewed the situation. “There will be an extra three stewards in the ‘paddock’, the row behind the dugout, making five stewards in total,” said an Arsenal spokeswoman. “At the back of block 32 [where the away dugout lies], there will be an ‘ejection squad’, viewing the fans in case there is any issue.

“In addition to those provisions, there will be somebody in the control room watching an extra camera that will be monitoring the situation around the dugout. It must be stressed that we have never had any problems other than this one [last year] and we are all hopeful that the game will go off peacefully.”

Arsenal v Manchester United games are always feisty affairs, especially when one recounts Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira clashing on and off the pitch. Despite the pair moving on, there’s always an intense atmosphere when these teams clash, although it appears that the Red Devils manager will be able to rant and rave from the touchlines without being abused by the home supporters.

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