Seven Worst Soccer Goalkeeper Mistakes Ever

Everyone loves a good goalkeeping error, except of course goalkeepers, so if you happen to be one of those unfortunate souls, please turn away now!

A sample of some of the worst calamities conducted by football custodians!

7) Peter Enckelman

This poor unfortunate Finnish keeper decided that a fierce local derby was the ideal occasion for a blooper and a half!

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6) Massimo Taibi

Taibi has become synonymous with bad keeping, and his stay at Old Trafford was mercifully brief, mainly because he had a tendency to drop clangers with alarming regularity, just like this one!

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5) Paul Robinson

Poor old Robbo. You could probably compile a 2 hour feature film with his fumblings, but of all his mistakes, this one in an international jersey will go down as his most infamous!

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4 & 3) Fabian Barthez (two for the price of one)

No matter how many trophies and winners medals this Frenchman collected, and he has just about every major honour in the cabinet, he will always be better remembered for his errors, and here against Arsenal he managed two in one game!

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2) Hans-Jörg Butt

The best of the lot for sheer stupidity! Watch as this German international keeper makes himself look like a right fool! And yes before anyone asks, the goal did stand and yes he still has a footballing career!

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And the number one!

1) Anonymous

What happened to this keeper? I think we will never know. For some reason, this goalie appears to have a Quantum Leap moment. It’s almost as though once he has got control of the back pass, Scott Bakula leapt into his body, and as a result the player had no idea as to where he was, cue an amusing and embarrassing sequence. “Oh Boy”.

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