Ipswich player fined over ridiculous ‘handcuff’ goal celebration: It can’t get any worse than this!

Ipswich midfielder David Norris has a thing or two to learn about when it comes to proper goal celebrations. His recent one over the weekend against Blackpool was wrong in so many different ways.

David Norris has been fined by Ipswich and warned about his future conduct following his controversial goal celebration in the game against Blackpool on Saturday.

Norris appeared to celebrate a goal with a ‘handcuffs’ gesture to show support for a friend – ex-Plymouth keeper Luke McCormick – jailed following the deaths of two children.

The midfielder was today urged to “make a face-to-face apology” to the youngsters’ family.

The mother of the boys killed in the crash said Ipswich midfielder David Norris had made life harder for her and sent the wrong signal to football fans with his gesture during a Coca-Cola Championship match at Blackpool on Saturday. (Daily Mail)

Really? THIS is the way you salute a friend in the clink? I’m sure many are at a loss for words, especially when the whole story came out. The handcuff gesture wasn’t in reference to a friend that was locked in prision for a crime he didn’t commit; rather, it was for a man that killed two boys in a crash, and left one mother fuming after seeing Norris’ antics.

What’s your reaction to his goal celebration? Was it much ado about nothing, or should he get a call from the FA as well?

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