Liverpool in TRULY INCREDIBLE £82m DOUBLE bid: Unbelievable!

Yes you did read that correctly, this source suggests that Rafa is about to be offered a mountain of cash for their two most talented players!

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It is no secret that Liverpool are in some serious financial trouble and news from Spain is that Barcelona are ready to test Liverpool with a huge bid for Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.

A source close to the club has said that they expect Liverpool to throw their bids straight in to the trash can but they are hoping that with big enough bids and possibly even player swaps included they can tempt the American owners who lets face it are not football men and don’t give a damn about the players just the money.

Barcelona will not be the only club circling Liverpool like vultures but they are by and far one of the richest with cash to splash and they have admired both Gerrard and Torres for a while now and if things do not improve at Liverpool a fire sale may come in to effect.

It would cost Barcelona close to €100 million to secure both players and at those prices the American owners may just bite the bullet and sell. (

Now I am not sure what to add to this report. It would be one hell of a brave bid for the Catalan side to make. They have stated their interest in both players in the past, but even if they were naïve enough to put a bid in, do they think for one second that either player would be sold? Even the club’s embattled and barmy American owners wouldn’t be stupid enough to even consider taking the money! I guess one thing a bid would prove is just how much these two players are admired across Europe. Do Liverpool fans think for one minute this bid will happen, and do they think that Messrs Hicks and Gillett would be crazy enough to cash in?

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