Former Tottenham assistant admits that “it was the right decision to sack Juande and me”: But he still holds a grudge against the players!

Gus Poyet has finally broken his silence on his sacking by admitting that Tottenham made the right decision by letting he and Ramos go. Poyet has agreed to take the brunt of the blame, but said the players should definitely be at fault for the blunder as well.

…the ex-Chelsea and Spurs midfielder was also ready to share out some of the blame to the players as he added: ‘Before we couldn’t win and now they don’t lose. So I imagine it’s very easy for the players to talk about what happened before and after.

‘But I ask them to be honest with themselves. I played for very good teams and we had good and bad moments. All we can really ask is to be respectful. I don’t like it when they talk about the difference between managers but I understand why.

‘They have to take responsibility for the problem. It’s not a case of “Juande did this before — now Harry does this and I play better”. That’s easy. Too simple. They can say “OK it didn’t work under Juande but I was responsible too”.’ (Daily Mail)

Poyet does make a good point that the players should “take responsibility for the problem.” After all, it was the players on the pitch, not the manger, that walk out there and play every week. Whilst Juande’s style of play may have been an issue, the complete and utter lack of respect for Ramos and the former regime is still a bit alarming.

Do Tottenham supporters believe Poyet? Should the players take part of the blame for the early-season mishap?

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