Wigan’s Whelan claims Newcastle owner is being greedy with his current asking price: Most would agree!

Wigan’s owner, Dave Whelan, knows the stench of a bad deal when he smells it, and Newcastle’s current asking price for the club is a real stinker. With the club claiming to have multiple contenders waiting and willing to buy the club, neither the names nor the figures have been shared with the public. Could these non-materialising offers be a scam? For the money Ashley’s asking for, I’d say yes.

Wigan owner Dave Whelan has accused Mike Ashley of being greedy as he reportedly holds out for a buyer who will pay £250million for Newcastle.

Whelan also believes Ashley underestimated the magnitude of what he was taking on when he bought the Magpies in July 2007.

Investment bank Seymour Pierce have been tasked with selling the club and revealed there were two ‘very serious contenders’ but as yet nothing has materialised.

Whelan believes his Newcastle counterpart is being unrealistic.

He said: ‘If Mike Ashley will sell it for the right money, he will sell it next week. Now, is he being greedy? Yes.’

He continued: ‘I don’t think he has thought things through and I don’t think he really appreciated just how passionate people are up there about their football. (Daily Mail)

Wigan’s owner is correct: Ashley is expecting too much for the club. You’d think he’d lower his asking price in this current market, but that doesn’t like it has a chance of happening any time soon. There’s no doubt that for the forseeable future Newcastle will continue to be under Mike Ashley’s care until he wises up and throws a reasonable number out there.

Do supporters agree with Whelan’s comments?

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