Manchester City striker believes his club has the chance to be as big as Real Madrid: I want a drag of whatever he’s smoking!

Manchester City striker, Robinho, is clearly having a banner year at his new club. The fans adore him, he’s making loads of money, plus he doesn’t have to live in the giant shadow of every Real Madrid legend that came before him. He’s getting so comfortable at his new club that he believes they could possibly become as big as his former club some day. Yes, you read that correctly. Robinho believes his club has a chance to be as big as Real Madrid.

Robinho believes that City can still end this season with silverware.

“Maybe this is the best form of my career,” he said. “I am enjoying it.

“My aim is to become the best player in the world. I hope I can do that here.”

“I came to Manchester City as I see them growing and getting bigger. Can they be as big as Real Madrid? I hope so.

“I hope to play here for many years. I hope to make history at the club and become one of the great heroes of Manchester City. (Telegraph)

What can you say about Robinho’s comments? He really does have a lot of confidence in his new club; so much so that he’s planning for mighty big future. If Man City’s new owner spends like he’s supposed to, then there’s no reason the club can’t look like Real Madrid in a couple of years. Mind you that might not have the titles, but they sure as hell will have the look of the free spending Spanish club.

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