Manchester United star sickened by Arsenal defeat decides to drown sorrows at West Ham pub!

Interesting tale of a England man who was understandably down after his side lost at the Emirates, and decided the best way to cope with the defeat was a few beers!

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After defeat at Arsenal, Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand shocked East End locals by drowning his sorrows with a beer at a local pub!
Ferdinand walked into the boozer after the lunchtime loss to the Gunners.
He said: “When you lose against Arsenal it does your head in. I was going back to meet my family in a hotel for my birthday.
“It was meant to be a happy time. So I thought before I go back maybe I’ll go and have a couple of drinks in a pub.
“I told the driver to stop off at some pub. He said ‘I can’t let you go in there.’ I had my United tracksuit on in a West Ham area.
“I said ‘Nah, just drop me off.’ So he did. I could see people going ‘What’s he doing in here?’
“I had a couple of drinks, three packets of crisps and sat in the corner watching the results on TV. Players do do normal things.” (

It’s good to see footballers acting like normal human beings, as it takes the edge off the fact that they are paid enormous sums of money for doing a job we would all love. Rio has always seemed like a guy who has his head screwed on right, but it would have been interesting to see how the locals at the pub reacted at his arrival. They clearly loved the centre back whilst he was at the club, but weren’t best pleased when he left for Leeds.

The question I would ask is, would a West Ham fan be more annoyed with Arsenal beating Man United or the other way around?

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