Liverpool SKIPPER remains calm and confident about title challenge: “We’ve got to prove we can stay in the race to the end”!

Steven Gerrard has been waiting for a season like this: the chance to finally be part of a Premier League club fighting for the title in the winter months. Unlike previous seasons, Liverpool are still top of the table in November with Chelsea and don’t appear to be quitting any time soon. But Gerrard said that whilst the team is playing well, they still need to remain calm and humble in this crazy time.

Gerrard – who misses England’s friendly in Germany on Wednesday night with a leg injury – knows there is a long way to go before the destination of the silverware will be determined.

When asked about talk of Liverpool being genuine title contenders, he told Champions magazine: ”It’s nice but it raises expectations.”

”It’s important to stay humble. We know we’re a good team, we know we’re getting closer to a title challenge – we can say that. But we’ve got to prove we can stay in the race to the end.

”I can understand why people are saying it. We’ve gone down a couple of times by goals, we haven’t given up and we’ve managed to turn games around. So now they’re saying we’ve got title credentials.” (ESPNSoccernet)

Gerrard is trying his best to keep Liverpool in the right frame of mind. Every match becomes increasingly difficult the deeper you get into the Premier League race. Chelsea have been here many times before with some of the exact same players; Liverpool, on the other hand, haven’t experienced league pressure like this in a long time.

How are Liverpool supporters feeling at the moment? Are you nervous about your title chances?

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