‘Manchester United players on diet of beer and burgers’ claims former defender. He also claims manager ‘sounds like Chinese’

It’s always good fun when a player leaves a football club and then has the freedom to dish the proverbial dirt on what went on behind the scenes. This defender no longer plays for Manchester United, and felt compelled to reveal an interesting dietary regime and a manager who is particularly hard to understand!

The Daily Telegraph reports that Gerard Pique, the former Red Devils player, claims that the eating and drinking habits of the United players are not the best. If you believe him, the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo and Rio scoff burgers all day long and wash down with pints of beer. And as for Sir Alex Ferguson, it’s no wonder that the Barcelona player left in a fit of pique!

Pique said: “At United there were some incredible things happening. Everyone was allowed to eat what they wanted and one must remember that the English diet is just like people say.

“Every two weeks we had to be checked out on a machine that measured the amount of fat we had in our bodies. It would be a surprise that none of the players broke the machine because of the amount of hamburgers and beer they had.”

“The gaffer, as Ferguson is known in Manchester, spoke in English with a Scottish accent and sounded Chinese to me. But I was not the worst and there are players still there who do not understand him yet.”

What do Manchester United supporters think about Pique’s revelations? It’s not exactly a secret that Fergie has a thick Scottish accent, nor that footballers like to tuck into junk food when they can get away with it. Can you really imagine that players can eat anything all of the time, especially with so many top quality dieticians employed by football clubs these days?

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