Any Arsenal fan calling for Wenger’s sacking needs electro-shock therapy!

Time for a small section of the Emirates following to take a reality check!

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Whilst it’s true that this season has not gone according to plan, much like the last few in fact, many Arsenal fans calling for (or even considering calling for) his sacking really need to wake up and smell the coffee (or any other very smelly product).

There can be no denying that the Frenchman is one of the two best managers of the Premier League age and, as well as securing a vast array of silverware for the club during his phenomenal spell, he has also done so without breaking the bank. As a result, he has secured the club the kind of financial future 99% of the European elite would cut their right arms off for!

His side may be a little unbalanced in terms of its over-dependence of youthful ability, but the club plays the kind of football that every fan admires (those who tell you otherwise are lying), and in time Wenger will lead the club to another golden age. There was always going to be a period of transition at the club and, whilst it may have taken longer than most had hoped or imagined, the future is bright for the club and there can be no denying that.

People who say that the boss cannot live on past glories need to understand that it’s as much a sign of the opposition getting their act together, as it is a sign of the Arsenal side lacking a cutting edge. The Premier League has evolved to the stage that, and here comes a cliché, no game is a shoe-in. Let’s face it, it’s not good to see a team of the magnitude and brilliance of the Gunners losing to Stoke or Hull, but they won’t be the only big side to stumble against these battling (and skilful, in the Tigers case at least) new boys.

Arsenal will have the title sewn up in 2010-11 for sure and perhaps even before that!

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