Everton boss could be in hot water once again: The FA would like his head on a platter!

Is anyone else shocked to see David Moyes at loggerheads with the FA? I know I’m not! The Everton coach, who was just in hot water with the Football Association, could find himself back in their “good” graces once again for another brilliant comment!

Everton manager David Moyes may be back in front of Football Association disciplinary bosses early than he anticipated after labelling officials at Soho Square as ”a law unto themselves”.

Moyes was fined £5,000 earlier this week after admitting his outburst at referee Alan Wiley during Everton’s 3-2 win at Stoke City back in September amounted to improper conduct.

Wiley sent the Everton boss to the stands at the Britannia Stadium after he berated the official for refusing to award a penalty and although the fine came with a warning about future conduct, Moyes was still happy to publicly express his opinions on the FA’s judgement, complaining disappointment at being fined was compounded by the fact the FA panel actually agreed with him that the decision leading to his dismissal had been a terrible one. (ESPNSoccernet)

Moyes must be a masochistic, because that’s about the only reason I can come up with to validate his recent comments about the FA. It’s back to the naughty box for you, sir!

Are Everton supporters surprised to see Moyes getting fined by the FA for his comments?

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