Chelsea ACE claims his strike partner was returning the coin to a supporter: What a likely story!

Nicolas Anelka truly believes the world is made up of knobs that will believe anything a footballer says. His most recent statement about Drogba’s coin-throwing incident is about as ridiculous as they come, that’s for damn sure!

But he believes Drogba should be battling for a first-team spot and not being forced to sit in the stands. Anelka said: ‘Didier returned a coin which supporters had thrown at him. It is not something serious. It is a gesture among others.

‘When I was playing in Turkey (for Fenerbahce), during derbies, I got hit by things on the head and I never answered. But it is sometimes hard to keep your nerve.’ (Daily Mail)

Handing and throwing a coin to a supporter in the stands are two totally different things. Watching the video, it doesn’t look like Drogba is handing the coin over; instead it looks like he’s flicking it into the stands. Either Anelka and the general public have a different view of throwing and handing, or the French striker is trying to cover for his strike partner. (I think it’s the latter)

What do Chelsea supporters think about Anelka’s recent comments?

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