‘Manchester United star tried to break my leg’ claims Brazil star

When you’re one of the world’s best players, it must be annoying when the opposition team have the audacity to mark you out of the game and give your side a good whipping in the process. It seems that it was all too much to bear for a certain Manchester United player.

Setanta report that Tiago Silva has some stinging words of criticism for Cristiano Ronaldo after Wednesday’s match between Brazil and Portugal. The South Americans ran out 6-2 winners and it appears that the Red Devils number seven decided to throw his weight around, seems he doesn’t like it when the boot’s on the other foot.

Silva said: “He’s a malicious guy and if I hadn’t jumped out of the way he would have broken my leg.

“He just lost it because we snuffed him totally out of the game.

“He had the nerve to say he didn’t touch me but that’s only because I got out of his way.

“Then he realised he was in the wrong and tried to apologise but I wasn’t accepting that.”

Marcelo was also unimpressed with the United forward, saying: “Ronaldo was out of order and a big-mouth. He elbowed me off the ball, then tried to have a shouting match about it.”

Ronaldo isn’t used to being on the losing side when playing for Manchester United, and it appears as though he’s well and truly spat his dummy this time. It’s usually opposition players putting in a few crunching challenges, rather than the Portuguese winger. Is the player getting too big for his boots?

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