Chelsea set for CHEEKY £20m SUPESTAR bid!

Mark Hughes is looking to spend a great deal of money in order to make his Eastlands outfit up to the task of a fight for a top four spot. However this latest target could be a bridge too far.

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According to The Sun, Manchester City are preparing to launch a £20 million bid for Chelsea defender Ashley Cole when the transfer window reopens in January.
Whispers from Stamford Bridge suggest the England star is unhappy with his current £82,000-per-week deal, and that he could buy out his own contract if Peter Kenyon and co don’t meet his demands.
As Cole is over the age of 27, he will be entitled to exploit Article 17 of FIFA law at the end of the season if the Blues refuse to pay him the same astronomical wages as Frank Lampard and John Terry.(

Surely Ashley wouldn’t screw over his club in pursuit of a huge pay rise, would he? Oh yes he may well just do that, after all he has ‘previous’ for doing just that. Now where do I start with this story, Man City already apparently have Wayne Bridge in their sights but then learned that Scolari wasn’t best pleased at the way they stole Robinho from under him and therefore that would surely make a move for C-Ashley even less likely, no? The idea that a player would not be happy with £82k a week wage is of course obscene but if he feels he should be getting as much as his England teammates then that’s up to him, but clearly he isn’t as important to the club as either Lampard of Terry so not sure he will get his wish. If Ashley Cole does indeed actually make such an ultimatum to the club should they just offload the fullback rather than give in to his wage demands?

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