So where is Liverpool’s BIG apology?

It seems that the FA and the media got it wrong about Rafa’s mercurial skipper, so where is their apology?

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So hang on, let’s get this straight. Steven Gerrard pulled out injured and the Liverpool star was forced to report to the England international team doctors to corroborate his injuries, which is an insult to say the least. However, players who pulled out of the same friendly were surprisingly (sarcasm) fit to play on the weekend?

Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney all managed to put in 90 minutes of football and where was Stevie G? Oh yes I’ll tell you where, not in the squad because he was injured! This is a disgrace, and I am not even a fan of the club, but I can see the ludicrous double standards at play here.

I will be the first to point out that friendlies during the season are pointless, but the Merseyside outfit were accused of all sorts by the press, pundits and the public for pulling Gerrard out of the game. However, it seems to have gone unnoticed that this weekend, he was the only one of this five to have legitimately been unable to play.

Why were the other players not asked to prove their slight knocks and, if they were asked to do so, why were they a) shockingly (sarcasm again) fit to play on the weekend and why was this b) not highlighted by the biased media?

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