What can be done to calm Manchester United Star Wayne Rooney down?

Not for the first time, Mr. Rooney overstepped the mark last night, but what Sir Alex do to try to reign in the dark side of the number 10?

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Aalborg’s Kasper Risgard has accused Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney of making a dangerous tackle on him during Wednesday’s 2-2 Champions League draw.
Risgard claims the incident, which went unpunished by the referee, left him physically marked and also alleged that Rooney apologised after the match.
“He was jumping at my chest,” he said. “Anywhere else but here [Old Trafford] and it would have been a red card.”
However, Rooney played down any suggestion of unnecessary aggression.
“That’s football, it’s a physical game,” he said.
Risgard claimed French referee Laurent Duhamel did not see the incident but, if European football’s governing body Uefa decides to investigate the video evidence, Rooney could face retrospective punishment and miss part of the last-16 stage in February. (BBC Sport)

I am a big fan of Wayne Rooney and I believe that aggression and determination are at the heart of what he has to offer both Man United and England but something must be done to curb his short fuse. Last night he clearly stamped on Aalborg’s Risgard and even the most vehement United fan can see that whilst it was not pre-meditated it was the kind of churlish reaction that has been the only blemish on the excellent striker’s abilities. I am sure that every time a fan watches and sees Wayne lose the ball they wince and cringe as they realise that it is fairly likely that in the pursuit of trying to help the cause he will fling himself into an ill thought out challenge.

You can’t take the bite and bustle out of his game, that’s part of what makes him the player he is, but Sir Alex really needs to take him to one side (again) and tell him that he is no use to the club if he suspended. What do Old Trafford supporters think can be done to calm the young lad down just a tad?

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