Is there anything wrong with BOOING your own team? Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, Manchester United, Man City, West Ham, Newcastle United, Celtic, Rangers fans what do you think?

Apparently booing your own team in on the increase, but is that a bad thing?

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Now it’s important to start this discussion my pointing out what I believe is in my opinion acceptable and what is overstepping the mark in terms of fans reaction to there own team’s performances. For instance on occasion I have seen my team lose games in stunning fashion at home to teams who they really should have wiped the floor with and I have displayed by annoyance by some mild grumbling and perhaps even a boo or two, nothing outrageous and in my opinion nothing new.

Then there are fans who boo their team even though they sit at the top of the table! Some Liverpool fans have booed their team in recent weeks (very few I should add) even though Rafa has managed to get his side to the summit of the Premier League! This I find very hard to understand indeed. Then there is booing of an individual player, personally if a player has performed badly and is being subbed I think that the fans showing their annoyance at his inability to perform is not a bad thing and something that has been present in the game ever since I attended my first football match as a very young child 25 years ago.

It seems that it’s now a big story that there is a rise in the amount of supporters laying into their own team and that it’s out of order for fans to act in such a way. I believe that such a statement needs to be qualified. There is a place in the game for people to boo but that such acts of disapproval should be reasonable and just rather than just a mindless gesture.

So fans, do you think its okay to boo your own team and it’s players individually and if so under what circumstances is that okay. Are there those who believe that such behaviour is just not necessary and shouldn’t be part of the game?

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