Spurs fans what would be the IDEAL name for the new stadium?

Plan for a new stadium to replace White Hart Lane are released, now all they need is a good name!

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Last month, the official Tottenham website posted details on their new stadium, and they have now added some splendid 3-dimensional images of the structure to be built on the 20-acre Northumberland Development Project. Knowing that people today feel uncomfortable with entertainment unless it is endorsed by a global corporation (Barclays Premier League, anyone?), they plan to sell the stadium’s name to the highest bidder. Either ‘Naming Rights’ is an airline we’ve never heard of, or no one has come forward with the cash.

When we first saw this stadium, we believed it to be a curvy interpretation of the Emirates, but according to Tottenham’s OS, the design echoes the “flowing lines of football”, whatever that mean. (The Spoiler)

Click here to read the full story and see the lovely artistic impression of what the stadium should look like!

So Spurs fans what do you think the new stadium should be called? Are you all for a sponsor adorning the home of the club and if so which company would best suit the side. If you’re not too keen on corporate branding how would you like the club’s new home named? After a former player? Simply ‘The New White Hart Lane’?

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