This will make Spurs fans laugh!

Yet another hilarious sketch from the Studs up gang, okay not a gang, it’s just a guy with a fantastic gift, nothing more, nothing less!

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This sketch had us laughing in COS Towers and summed up in some ways the delicate nature of football management at the highest level, also the cartoon’s likeness of Ramos is frankly awesome!

When Ramos got the call from the Bernabeu outfit he must have thought it was some kind of crank call but now he’s got the job, how long can he keep it?

Juande was never as bad as his former playing staff made him look at the beginning of the season but then it could be that he may not be quite up for the Real Madrid job and let’s face it, he couldn’t have taken the job at a worst time. If he manages to clinch any silverware he will have done well, if his side fail to get a Champions League spot for next season (his side currently lies sixth) then he will be back in the dole queue!

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