Would Spurs fans welcome Robbie’s return from Liverpool or tell him to sod off!

Talk continues to circulate across the message boards and tabloids that a certain Irish international may well be seen as a pointless expensive waste of time by a certain Spanish manager who may well try to offload him to a certain north London club!

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The pointy shouty one has slowly begun his transformation into the looking forlornly from the bench at Rafa with pleading eyes! And speculation has grown as only speculation can, that Mr. Keane could well be heading back to north London after a rather brief spell at his childhood heroes.

Harry Hotspur once again hits the nail on the head with alarming accuracy (click here to read more) and further fuels the debate about a possible return to Tottenham for the man who said he wouldn’t leave and then decided that he would become a liar and left.

So Spurs fans given that Harry has had a magical start as boss but probably (definitely) needs a striker would you welcome Robbie with open arms or rather suffocate him in a mad mans embrace?

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