Do FANS think its time to bring in video evidence? Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester United supporters, what do you think?

Yes it happens to every team, a decision that is clearly wrong that costs your side valuable points that the referee or his assistants fail to correctly call, so is it now time to take the pressure off the adjudicators’ on the pitch and bring in video evidence?

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This weekend had its usual share of contentious decisions and lets face it referees are only human and they will make mistakes from time to time but that doesn’t take the edge off the anger created by costly errors. Arsenal could feel a little aggrieved by Adebayor’s sending off considering he didn’t actually make significant contact with Arbeloa but then Liverpool fans may deem the intent to be enough to warrant the second booking but that’s again open to differing interpretations. Would video evidence have solved that incident, perhaps not.

However last night Everton had a perfectly good goal ruled out last night but the officials on the pitch only have a split second to make their minds up whereas those watching on TV can see all too clearly that not only was the initial shot apparently accidentally fired in by Ballack it was then in fact the self same German who collided with Petr Cech to take the ball over the line.

Tottenham fans will of course recall an incident a few years back that would have taken an official in front of a monitor a split second to call but was somehow missed by the referee on the pitch. I am referring to the goal bound effort from Pedro Mendes which went about five yards over the line before Man United keeper Roy Carroll sheepishly caught it.

So is it now time to bring in video evidence? And if so in what circumstances would the fans deem it should be used? Maybe just for calling goal line efforts or perhaps offside decisions or in fact for all offences that the referee decides to ask for help with?

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