Has Wenger Lost the plot at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger – the man who revolutionized Arsenal, the man who turned the Gunners into an attacking force capable of mesmerizing oppostions, the manager who forged a team that went an entire season without losing a game.

The man who many consider to be the greatest foreigner to have managed in the English league. Yet this is the same man that has been talking of ‘rebuilding’ his team for the last 3/4 years. ” We have a young and talented squad that is improving” is his answer every single time his teams results are put into question. The fact is that many Arsenal supporters are turning against Wenger – the once famous phrase ” Arsene Knows” has turned into “Does Arsene Really know?” for many Gunners fans who have been frustrated by Arsenal’s lack of silverware.
Arsene wenger signs young players at cheap prices and turns them into superstars – but what he must realize is that some of the amazing talent he picks up just can’t cut it at one of the biggest clubs in Europe – at least if they want to be considered one. The likes of Eboue and Denilson wouldn’t be close to starting for another top 4 team – or even Aston Villa. Almunia is not a goalkeeper for a championship winning side. Aaron Ramsey is quality and might well become a world-class player some day, but that day isn’t today or tomorrow, a club like Arsenal should be challening for trophies and from what it seems, they won’t be this year. News of Cec Fabregas being injured for 4 months should surely spurn Wenger into buying a replacement in January – but too often Arsene has trusted youth and too often he has been disappointed. Moreover, instead of buying pure talent, he should try and get talent with mentality – Adebayor’s slapping of Bendtner would have seen him chucked out by the likes of Benitez and Sir Alex Ferguson – but Wenger has a lack of options, and a rigidity not to buy players with a pricetag- no matter how much quality they may have.
Being financially sound is one thing, but being over prudent and too rigid may just prove to be Arsene Wenger’s downfall at Arsenal. He has pulled out a few surprises over the years, but a midfield comprising of nasri ( the one class player in this list), song, denislon, and eboue/ramsey over the next few months with Walcott and Fabregas injured isn’t going to be putting up a title challenge anytime soon, and I think the Arsenal fans know this too.
If possible, Wenger should try to get Gareth Barry in this January, and possibly another attacking midfielder, as they lack cover in these places, and competition for places helps players not to stagnate. Arshavin would be a better partner for Van Persie than Adebayor, and can play on either wing with ease and as an attacking midfielder. He can bring experience of winning trophies – something most of the Arsenal team lacks. A bid for Arshavin would seem pragmatic, but pragmatic to the normal football fan, like myself and you – not to the professor.
From what it seems, a defeat to Aston Villa midweek may see Arsenal out of the top 4, and with some distance to claw back.

What is your take on the situation at Arsenal? Who should Wenger buy to steady the ship, if it hasn’t sunk already?

For the record, this isn’t a rant against Arsenal and I do admire Wenger’s footballing philosophy, minus what I have mentioned.

Abhik Setia.

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