Should the Championship Play-offs be scrapped?

Looking at the bottom of the Premiership it is clear to see that it is closer than ever, but looking at the top of the Championship, the gulf couldn’t be clearer.

Hull won in May and have done very well, but the same cannot be said for Derby or Watford. This year the top three are running away from the pack, as has been the trend over recent seasons.

With third placed Birmingham currently a game and 7 points clear of the next three teams and anyone from 9th able to grab that last spot. How can it be argued that in a play-off situation QPR, twelve points and nine places behind them, would deserve their spot in the Premiership more?

But more to the point, how can the quality of their squad justify their inclusion on the basis of one cup game at Wembley?

Is it now time to have a straight three up three down system and scrap the play-offs for the championship?

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