Arsenal target is seeking a higher power to make his dream move a reality: I’m not sure God could finalise this deal!

Now and again when we’re all down in the dumps, we have a tendency to look in one direction for guidance. The big guy upstairs usually hears from me when I’m on my last thread, usually looking for guidance on how to get that sweet unicycle or Pog slammer I’ve had my eye on.

For Arsenal target Andrei Arshavin, he finds himself in the same situation; on his last thread and looking for guidance, the Zenit striker has gone to God to help him make the move to Arsenal a reality. Please hear his prayer!

Andrei Arshavin is so desperate to move to Arsenal that he has been praying that Zenit St Petersburg will let him leave Russia and move to London. The Russia forward has been Arsenal’s No 1 target this month, but he has been left in limbo while the clubs haggle over the price. Arsenal value Arshavin at about £12 million, while Zenit believe that he is worth closer to £18 million. With time running out before the transfer window closes next month, Arshavin has begged Zenit to lower their asking price.

“My hopes now rest with God. Apart from him, nobody can help me,” Arshavin, 27, said. “I see Arsenal as my team of the future. Everything now depends on Zenit. If they want to sell me, they can do it very quickly.” (Times Online)

Arshavin and Arsenal have been a match for a long time; only thing is, is that Zenit won’t let him go for cheap, or for any sum for that matter. Every time Arsenal come up with a number, Zenit have found a way to thwart their attack.

So what’s it gonna take Zenit? I figure if you threw in a lifetime supply of Twinings and a blueberry scone with that outrageous fee, the St. Petersburg outfit might budge.

Or maybe not.

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