Spurs’ Harry Redknapp is ‘becoming’ an embarrassment

It’s finally happened, Harry Redkanpp has turned Tottenham Hotspur into a joke.

It hasn’t taken very long, just a transfer window in effect, but the results maybe long term. Daniel Levy clearly hasn’t got the balls to say something to ‘arry along the lines of ‘Please Harry, stop talking’.

Every press conference now revolves around the gossip column in The Sun, the players he likes but can’t have, the players he doesn’t like and therefore doesn’t want, and of ocurse, the players he likes, does want, can’t talk about because that would be wrong, but he has just talked about.

On top of that, he is now attacking previous managers for leaving him with a rubbish squad, the result being the media having a field day, mainly due to Spurs having a massive squad with some very good players.

He even attacked the fans who groaned loudly about having Craig ‘9 iron’ ‘pony’ Bellamy at the club, because he wanted him. The suggestion was that, just as the players didn’t have the inner steel to fight the fight, neither did the fans. Unlike Bellamy, which maybe down to said 9 iron and where it was hopefully placed. Spurs fans are known for their passion and fight, no matter the score and Redknapp has shown that he clearly doesn’t get that.

The reason given for George Graham being sacked was that he was releasing details of transfer negotiations, therefore bringing the club into disrepute and effecting the share price. That isn’t going to happen to Redknapp because of the current situation.

But upstairs, with the door firmly shut, I wonder what Levy is really thinking.

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