Liverpool supporters: Did the club give Robbie Keane a fair shake?

There’s no doubt the most shocking bit of news on the last day of the transfer window had to be that of Robbie Keane making a move from Liverpool back to Tottenham after a disastrous spell at the Anfield club.

With only a couple of goals to his name, the £20m striker had been a total flop through the first half of the season. Unlike some transfer players that take time to acclimate to the league, Keane had already experienced the Premier League’s rough and tumble play. He didn’t have an excuse for not playing to his potential.

As Keane leaves the club for White Hart Lane once again, the big question still remains: Did Liverpool and Rafa Benitez give Robbie Keane a fair shot?

It seems like an easy question to answer considering the number of starts and chances Rafa gave the Irishman; but do you really think he could have turned it around in the last couple of months? Was this a matter of getting comfortable at the club, or was Keane just a bust from the word “go”?

What do Liverpool supporters make of the whole situation?

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