Everton manager drops a verbal bomb prior to FA Cup replay: He claims referees are favouring Liverpool!

IF tonight’s FA Cup replay between Liverpool and Everton wasn’t heated enough, David Moyes has gone ahead and turned the match into a real scorcher.

Just like his Spanish counterpart across the way, Moyes isn’t afraid of being vocal and letting his comments fly. The most recent comments have Moyes claiming referees are playing favourites when it comes to the Merseyside derby. More specifically, he believes Liverpool are getting all the breaks. This should sit well with Rafa and his Red men!

“I think Liverpool have had an awful lot going for them,” Moyes said as they prepared to meet for the third time in 16 days. “We are wholehearted, but when you get players lying on the floor waving their hands suggesting cards and the referee is missing challenges, it’s very hard.

“But we will keep going. We won’t be provoked by it. We will be disciplined but, more importantly, we will keep doing what we have been doing.
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“We thought we had a penalty kick when Steven Pienaar was tackled from behind. Was it much worse than the one Mikel Arteta gave away at Old Trafford on Saturday? There are moments in games when you think it could have gone for you, but it doesn’t.” (The Times)

Is this a smart move to make prior to the match? Nobody knows for sure. Most likely the refs will be keeping a close eye on Liverpool tomorrow night thanks to Moyes’ comments. The real question is, will Rafa lob a verbal barb back Everton’s way prior to the match?

What do Liverpool supporters make of Moyes’ comments?

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