Match-Fixing: Is this football’s biggest demon going forward?

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Match-fixing. It’s a word that sends chills down the back of any league of fan no matter who you support. Whilst match-fixing is one of those things you hear about once in a blue moon, everyone knows it’s still out there. We constantly question a match when a team comes back from three goals down to nick a draw; we wonder how a striker botched a goal from point-blank range. No matter what, it’s always in the back of our mind.

The Guardian’s Lawerence Donegan wrote a chilling piece on football’s biggest nemesis going forward. It’s definitely worth the read. The part about Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League title being fixed has to be the most absurd part of all. Whilst nobody would ever believe such a thing; the thought that someone could have that much power and pull to change a match has to make you stand up and take notice.

So what’s your take on match-fixing? Does it have the power to ruin the game?

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