Should this Tory MP be manager of Team GB for 2012 Olympics?!

Most of us think we’d be pretty good football managers, partly the result of several popular computer games where it’s easier to guide a team to glory than it would be in real life (Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t quite made that switch from Manchester United to Grimsby Town – yet!). It appears as though a certain Conservative politician has turned his hand to the beautiful game, raising some important technical questions that have surely never been considered before!

The Daily Dust picks up on some of John Redwood’s well considered thoughts after a game of football, surely his phone hasn’t stopped ringing from the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and (Sir) Arsene Wenger after the following gems:

Why the reliance on the long ball from one team?

Why do players all try to win an ariel ball and not get into position and make space?

Why play an ariel game when you should be exploiting holes in the defence on the ground?

With all the money they were spending on manager and player wages, is it not possible to have a bit more variety and thoughtful enterprise? Or am I missing something, that all these well paid people have worked out long ago?

What do you think of Redwood’s comments? What answers would you supply for some of his state-the-obvious questions?

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