Liverpool STRIKER claims Steven Gerrard is irreplaceable on the pitch: Is he more important than Torres?

Every club has a catalyst, a player than no matter how down the club is, can turn things around in the blink of an eye. Steven Gerrard is that player for Liverpool. Even Liverpool’s best striker in some time realises that.

Torres said in a recent interview with the Echo that while some players can be replaced when they go out with the odd knock, Gerrard is one of those players that has no equal or replacement.

“I hope and wish that he will be back soon. He has no natural replacement. Every side has a main reference, a home-grown player, someone who lives and breathes the club.

“Other players come and go, but that player remains. Here, our reference player is Gerrard. Liverpool FC is Gerrard plus ten more. He’s irreplaceable.” (Liverpool Echo)

While Gerrard is seemingly irreplaceable on the pitch, the same could be said for Torres as well. Watching Liverpool play without one or the other during stretches of the season, you could debate that both players are equally important to the club at this time. But is there one player that’s more important that the other?

What do Liverpool supporters think? At this point, is Gerrard or Torres more important to the club?

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