Liverpool STRIKER gives all credit for his Premier League dominance to ONE person: Are Hicks and Gillett listening?

Liverpool’s ownership continues to tiptoe around the biggest issue at Anfield in what could be the most important league campaign in a long, long time. But can they push aside the issue when one of the biggest names at the club is making comments like this?

“Rafa was looking for a striker with my characteristics — someone quick who could surprise defenders and get behind them. But I had to learn too,” Fernando Torres told FourFourTwo magazine. “For a lot of coaches the tactical side of the game doesn’t matter that much but for Rafa it is fundamental; he is conscious of the way we set up, the movement, the organisation. I’ve learnt a lot. It’s been a real pleasure for me to work with Rafa. At Atletico I played more on instinct, doing my own thing; here I have to learn about movement and positioning, about the team.” (FourFourTwo)

Before Torres, Liverpool were nothing more than a shell of the team they are today. The lack of scoring was alarming, and if it weren’t for Steven Gerrard’s heroics time and time again, the club would probably be viewed in a different light today.

Whilst Liverpool haven’t won silverware of late, Torres has allowed the club to move in a direction where Benitez and Co. finally have a striker that can hang with Manchester United. Many were beyond excited when Torres made his move to Liverpool. While supporters were excited, they weren’t dilusional. Everyone knew Benitez was the main reason Torres came to the club.

It begs the question: Without Benitez at the club, would Torres stay around? The young Spanish striker gushes over his coach and credits him for his quick acclimation to Premier League life. But why don’t Liverpool’s ownership feel the same way?

Is it, as Benitez goes, so goes Liverpool’s Spanish contingent? Do you believe Rafa will get a new contract?

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