Liverpool fans play a blinder to hoax Manchester United supporter: Cruel or deserved?

There’s no love lost when it comes to the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool, with the Red Devils on the verge of drawing level with the latter’s record of eighteen league titles. However, it appears that the Merseyside club’s supporters had the upper hand recently, causing one of their opposite numbers to travel the length of the country for a date with someone that didn’t exist.

The Daily Telegraph brings us the amusing tale of Stuart Slann, who made a 9-hour trip from Sheffield to Scotland in order to have a romantic liaison with a girl named “Emma”. The only problem for Mr Slann is that the said lady didn’t actually exist and was the cruel invention of some Liverpool fans.

To add to his humiliation, they recorded the conversation and put it onto Facebook, the social networking website, and video-sharing website YouTube, along with an embarrassing photograph.

It was then that Mr Slann’s wife Louise, 32, discovered the “affair”. Their marriage is now over.

Mr Slann said: “It was a cruel thing to do. I’ve been taken for a ride. They wound me up good and proper.”

Click here for the full video of Mr Slann in action. Will this set off a series of practical jokes between the two sets of supporters, or are there not that many Manchester United or Liverpool supporters stupid enough to fall for a trick like this?!

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