Chelsea don’t understand the meaning of PATIENCE, claims Manchester United manager: He’s really having a shot at Roman!

Sir Alex Ferguson is once again kicking Chelsea while they’re down. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. The United manager wrote in the programme prior to the Fulham match that Chelsea still don’t understand the true meaning of patience.

“I think they have played into our hands and that the title race now is going to be between ourselves and Liverpool,” Ferguson wrote in his matchday programme notes ahead of the game against Fulham.

“However, I shall be keeping a wary eye on Aston Villa, who seem to have picked up the baton from Arsenal.

“I was shocked that Chelsea should part so soon with a manager of such great experience and proven success as ‘Phil’ Scolari.

“Their haste is a reflection of the sad way the game is going, with everyone from owners, the board members, the supporters and the media demanding instant success and showing absolutely no patience in the pursuit of their ambition. (Setanta)

Like Ferguson, I’m sure many found Chelsea’s handling of the Scolari situation to be rather hasty. They paid the manager a load of money only to have him axed before the season was over. I know Chelsea are a massive club, but they never give Big Phil a chance to work his magic.

What do you think? Was Roman too hasty in his decision to axe Scolari?

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