Why is this Liverpool ACE being linked with a move to Atletico Madrid?

You have to love parents and the way they show love for their kids. Even though they have the best of intentions at heart, they occasionally end up doing things that leave you scratching your head and saying: “ummmm, thanks?” This would be one of those times where a certain Liverpool player probably wishes his dad would stay out of the way. He’s linking him with a move back home!

Reina’s father recently declared that the Liverpool keeper is desperate to seal a transfer to Atletico, but the 26-year-old insists he is happy at Anfield.

“It’s my father who made this declaration because he wants me to play for Atletico, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t,” he said.

“If one day I was to think of moving back to Spanish football, Atletico would be my first option because it’s a club I have a lot of affection for.

“Nevertheless, saying that I want to move to Atletico right now is wrong because I’m happy at Liverpool.” (Liverpool Echo)

Being proud of your son and telling him privately that you want him to come back to Spain is one thing; telling the national news and getting him linked back with a move he doesn’t want right now is another! Reina has categorically denied any potential move back to Atletico at this time, although it would make sense later is his career if he wanted to move closer to home. For now Liverpool supporters have nothing to worry about. Reina is staying between to posts for the foreseeable future.

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