Manchester City manager keen to ‘ignore the rubbish’ being written about the club

Never mind ignoring the rubbish that the press have written, some of the City away performances this season have befitted that description instead! The club were always going to be in the spotlight after the Abu Dhabi United Group decided they wanted a piece of the Premier League action, and Mark Hughes hasn’t been helped by the owners wanting to buy *insert name of any world-class footballer here*

However, Sparky simply can’t fathom the negative press that Manchester City have had this season, despite also not being helped by Robinho wanting to call the shots and his team serving up some pretty gutless displays on their travels. The Manchester Evening News reports that Hughes is confident that things are improving for the club, although he’s still dismayed by some of the stuff written about them.

“People have to see some of the stories about us for what they are. There are people out there, for whatever reason, with an agenda,” he declared.

“The amount of negativity written about us is almost unbelievable. I have never known anything like it. But the only way we will turn that around is by having positive performances and positive results.

“That’s what we had at Anfield on Sunday but we must keep it going because there are people out there who want us to fail. We have to understand that is where we are at and we will just keep working hard with a group of players who are determined to succeed.

“We recognise that but maybe some people don’t, or don’t want to recognise it. They don’t want to give us any credit and we understand that there are people out there who don’t particularly want us to be successful in the future. We have to live with that and work with it in the short term because on occasions we will disappoint ourselves and our fans.

“I think we saw on Sunday that we have the makings of a good team. We have just got to be strong and take any valid criticism that comes our way in our stride. All the other rubbish that is written or broadcast we can ignore.”

Ultimately, Manchester City are now a big deal in the footballing stratosphere, and that means that people are more interested in what’s happening and going to happen at Eastlands. Do you think Hughes should just accept that any criticism being levelled at him or his team should either be taken on board or ignored, rather than him speaking out against it?

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