Arsenal’s BEST player writes off their chances of winning the league: But what about a top four finish?

Cesc Fabregas has all but given up on Arsenal’s chance of catching Manchester United for the league title this season. Whilst he didn’t rule it out completely, he did say it was “not realistic” to have those types of thoughts. Instead he believes the club should be looking at something a lot more important: the race for fourth place.

“It is not realistic to look at the league title now,” he said. “You can never say never of course, but at the moment we would not be intelligent to be looking right to the top of the league. To be intelligent now is to go game by game and think about who is directly in front of us. Now we have to make sure we put a run of wins together and don’t lose more points.

“Chelsea and Aston Villa will drop points, of that I am sure, and that is why we need to be ready to capitalise at the right time – just as Manchester United have waited half a season for Liverpool to lose some points and taken advantage of it.” (The Times Online)

Fabregas is playing it smart at the moment. He knows that the only thing that really matter this season is Arsenal’s place in the top four, and right now that spot belongs to Aston Villa. The two clubs have a grand total of six points between them, and Arsenal know that if they’re going to catch Villa, they’ll need to close that gap as quickly as possible. The biggest issue for Arsenal this season has been their inability to score critical goals, or goals of any kind, for that matter. They’ll need van Persie and Adebayor to get it going if they want a chance at reclaiming their spot at the top.

What do Arsenal supporters make of the club’s season so far? Do you expect them to pip Villa for the fourth spot?

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