Liverpool manager claims Torres’ injuries killed their title chances: Does he have a point?

They always say that hindsight is 20/20, and once again, Liverpool are learning that the hard way. Injuries are part of the day-to-day fears that run through a managers mind; Rafa has allowed the those fears to run rampant on his mind to the point that he’s questioning just where the club might have been if Torres was healthy. He claims United would be a bit more worried if his star striker hadn’t missed most of the season.

“The title was difficult before, it is more difficult now,” he admitted. “What we have to do is take our chances, and that is something that has been the same problem the whole season.

“Maybe if Torres had not been injured so much things would be different, but we cannot change the situation now. Everybody has players who get injured.

“We have had some problems [following the 1–0 Champions League win at Real Madrid], several players have been injured, among other things. The worst thing has been the injuries to Torres. He has been our main striker and scored a lot of goals for us last season. And this season could have been totally different with him.” (The Guardian)

Benitez is probably right to believe that Liverpool would have been a bit closer, but could the gap be three points of less if Torres had been healthy all season. What about if Torres was healthy but Gerrard was out? In the end you could probably debate the issue until it was dead in the ground. The fact of the matter is, is that Liverpool are currently seven points behind Manchester United. And we all know you can’t dispute that.

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