Arsenal boss has strong words for the hatchetmen of the Premier League: He’d like them to SUFFER for a long while!

Arsene Wenger is an opinionated man at heart (he’s French so you expect these kinds of things), but his recent opinion on the hatchetmen of the Premier League brings up a good question. Should there be a bigger ban for violent tackles?

The Arsenal boss insists it is time to introduce new punishments well over and above a three-match ban for violent play.

He said: ‘An accident can happen when two people go for the ball but it is very rare. What I see is that guys go into the tackle to hurt the player. There is not sufficient punishment.

‘They could create a special committee to analyse if three games is enough because, in some tackles, 10 is not enough.

‘Maybe we need to be stronger with our own players but sometimes you see the players make horrendous tackles and then say to the referee, “What’s wrong
there?” You think, “My friend, touch your head because you have completely lost touch with reality”. It is unbelievable but they know what they have done.’ (Daily Mail)

Arsenal knows first-hand what it’s like to be part of a match where one of your players is severely injured due to a questionable tackle. The injury to Eduardo was by far one of the worst we’ve seen in some time. But would a large ban on violent play really keep the rough and tumble out of the Premier League? Who knows for sure. What do you think, would a ten-match ban or more be enough to deter the horrific play we sometimes see on the pitch?

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