Did Juande Ramos RUIN Tottenham’s campaign? The current manager thinks so!

Just how big of a hole did Juande Ramos leave Tottenham in when he got the boot? Well if you ask Harry Redknapp, he thinks the hole was pretty massive!

‘Our form since then has been good, well over a point a game. If we’d taken that same average from the first eight games we’d be talking about having about 38 points now.

‘With 12 games to go. I’d then be thinking we had a good chance of making the UEFA Cup again next season. It’s just that we had a bad start.’ (Daily Mail)

Redknapp is probably right, the team would be in MUCH better position right now if they had played anywhere close to their current form. Do supporters think Redknapp could have had Tottenham sniffing the Uefa Cup slot for next season if he had been managing the club at the beginning of the year?

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